Jenny Johns

3M Employment Brand

3M Human Resources has initiated the development of a new employment brand platform, “Inspired Opportunities.” It is intended to inspire and engage people to tell the 3M story. The new internal brand platform should closely align with the external corporate brand platform, “3M Science. Applied to Life.” — yet have a cohesive look of its own.

By utilizing the current 3M guidelines, we created a flexible sub-brand that focuses on photos of employees in their workplaces, flat color paired with inspiring statements, and color floods with an isolated commonplace object anchored on it. All these visual options ladder up to the brand motto, “Here, you go.” which allows employees to take their experiences, training, and individuality and apply them in bold ways that matter at 3M.

Flag Mockup1.jpg
The Team

The Team

Jenny Johns – Art Director & Designer
Amy Pressnall – Creative Director
Kris Dunlap – Copywriter
Nancy Prososki – Chief Client Services Officer